Mercedes leads by country miles

A new study has found that Mercedes drivers in Gloucestershire drive nearly 5,000 miles more each year than the UK average.

The study to discover driving habits in the UK was carried out by Warranty Direct.

It found that Mercedes drivers from Gloucestershire covered an average of 14,684 miles per year, compared to the national average of 10,076.

The study also found that Land Rovers was living up to its ‘go further’ mantra as it is the hardest working vehicle in Hampshire, West Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Berkshire – more counties than any other car – with each registering an average mileage of over 13,000.

However, even it was surpassed by Subaru, which clocked an average mileage of 13,740.

Volvo was third in average miles driven, with Saab, Ford and BMW also in the top ten.

Not surprisingly, drivers in Scotland and the South West averaged the most miles, with Stirlingshire, Perthshire Gloucestershire and Somerset all among the top 10 locations for high-mileage cars.

By contrast, drivers in London average just 7,990 miles each year, 26% below the national average.

David Gerrans, managing director at Warranty Direct, said, ‘The mileage you do will dictate how quickly certain components on your car could deteriorate, as well as how long you have between service intervals.

‘Naturally, some people work their cars harder than others and that means they need to be mindful of the potential for servicing and maintenance costs to rise.’