HPI aims for total recall

HPI is launching a service to help car buyers find out if their new vehicle has ever been recalled by the manufacturer.

Recall Check will enable drivers buying vehicles privately to check the recall history before completing the purchase. The automotive industry is incredibly successful regarding recalls, with a more than 90% hit rate.

However, some recalls do slip through the net, and Recall Check is intended to plug those holes.

Ian Rendle, managing director of cap hpi, said, ‘If a manufacturer spots a series of problems with a vehicle, it will recall the cars affected so those faults can be fixed free of charge.  But, through no fault of the manufacturer, there are instances when a recall notice is missed, such as when a vehicle is transferred between owners.

‘Now used car buyers can quickly and easily check whether their potential purchase has been recalled by the manufacturer, removing any risk of them driving a vehicle that could have a safety flaw. Crucially, the HPI Recall Check is the only check that provides recall information on a specific vehicle using the vehicle’s number plate.’

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, added, ‘Recalls are evidence of the automotive industry’s dedication to ensuring millions of vehicles remain safe on our roads. The new HPI Recall Check, powered by SMMT’s industry-backed Vehicle Safety Recall data, will give power to consumers and ensure that the UK’s vehicle recall process, already one of the most robust in the world, improves even further and the UK’s excellent vehicle safety record is maintained.’

Ian concluded, ‘The launch of the HPI Recall Check adds yet another layer to the car buyer’s most comprehensive vehicle history check, the HPI Check. This is part of our continued commitment to giving consumers the information they need to buy with confidence.  A dealer version of the HPI Recall Check is also planned for a future date.’