French fuel crisis taking hold

According to the RAC, the ongoing French fuel crisis has resulted in 53% of the 10,250 French fuel stations now being affected by shortages.

On the eve of a bank holiday weekend and half term for many parts of the UK, RAC fuel spokesman, Simon Williams said, ‘People will have spent a lot of money on holidays so they will naturally be very reluctant to cancel their trips.

‘The best advice is to make sure you have a full tank before you cross to France. Ideally, you should have enough fuel to get you comfortably to your destination. If you are holidaying in Northern France, depending where you cross, you might well not have to refuel at all or only require a top-up. If, however, you are travelling a longer distance in France it’s vital you go in search of fuel well before you need it and accept delays and rationing.’

Meanwhile, the AA has confirmed that it continues to help European Breakdown members who are in difficulties as a result of the fuel shortages in France.

AA president, Edmund King said, ‘About a third of the calls to our Lyon contact centre relate to fuel difficulties. Most members are looking for advice on where they can fill up and we are advising them of forecourts where we know there are supplies at that time.

‘We are also assisting members in serious difficulty as a result of the industrial action in France that has led to up to a third of garages running dry.’

The AA understands that around one third of France’s fuel stations have run dry of one or more fuel products but the situation is changing by the hour.