DriveTribe: ‘Facebook for petrolheads’

A new social media platform for car lovers has been launched by The Grand Tour stars Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Tech entrepreneur Ernesto Schmitt, ceo of DriveTribe described the site as ‘a next-generation vertical that is dedicated to motoring, and that really combines content, social and commerce.’
More simply put Jeremy Clarkson described the site as ‘a site for car lovers all over the world’

DriveTribe works by essentially being made up of hundreds of different Tribes (blogs) where users can post pictures, videos and articles about cars. Some Tribes are more serious than others, for example Porsche have teamed up with former F1 driver Mark Webber, whilst other tribes are dedicated to ‘The most beautiful roads and curves all over the world’ and James May’s ‘Selfies with Cars’.

Speaking to the Mirror, Richard Hammond said ‘The idea is to bring people together, not according to who but what. This can appeal to everybody from the died-in-the-wool petrolhead to someone who likes looking at supercars.’

Other than receiving backing from the trio themselves, DriveTribe has also attracted backing from the likes of 21st Century Fox (£4.9m) and Goodwood, among others. They currently have an editorial staff of around 20 UK members, looking to grow to 60 worldwide, with multi-language launches planned by autumn next year.

Currently DriveTribe is only accessible via login from Facebook, with Twitter coming soon.