Car tech adds 33% to productivity

Advanced technology built into company cars has added £36bn to the UK economy.

That is according to analysis undertaken by Škoda, which claims British workers are up to a third more productive as a result of the technology now developed within vehicles.

Its survey of 600 company car drivers found that nearly half (42%) said the technology saves them time with 37% saying navigation is easier and 31% believing it saves them money. Smartphone connectivity systems topped the poll as the most valued development (14%), with 10% citing cruise control and sat-navs.

Henry Williams, head of fleet at Škoda UK, said, ‘At Škoda, we know that in-car technology is hugely important to company car drivers and their employers, to help save time and money. We regularly investigate which gadgets are most effective in improving business productivity and safety to make sure our cars, particularly the SE Business range, are kitted out with the most up-to-date and desirable products.’