Brake urges handset crackdown

Brake has found that 62.1% of fleet operators have not implemented a company-wide policy banning the use of phones while driving.

Its annual Fleet Safety Survey drew responses from more than 200 fleet operators, most of whom are UK-based. Between them they manage more than 190,000 vehicles.

It found that only 37.9% of respondents have an organisation-wide policy banning all employees from using hands-free phones at the wheel.

Other key findings were that only 7.6% of respondents prioritise environmental concerns when making vehicle purchasing and leasing decisions; 33% require a full eyesight test for all new staff who drive for work; 11.7% have vehicle safety ratings as their top priority when making purchasing and leasing decisions; and 31.1% don’t provide any training, even at a remedial level, on staying within legal speed limits.

Ellie Pearson, professional engagement manager at Brake, said, ‘The Pledge covers key areas of managing occupational road risk, so this year’s fleet safety survey gives a really great snapshot of the policies and procedures that fleets have in place to manage these areas of risk. I’d urge fleet operators to see how their company measure up compared to our survey respondents, and to identify the areas of road risk management where they can improve their practices.