AutoRaise plans new initiatives

AutoRaise recently gathered several of the industry’s leading repairers together to run the rule over some new initiatives being considered for launch in to the vehicle repair industry.

The AutoRaise Repairer Consortium, made up of some of the UK’s leading repairers including Gemini ARC, Motofix, Apollo Motor Group, Rainbow Bodyshops, Rye Street Group, Alton Cars, Four Elms Group, Karl Vella Group, Anglian ARC and two Fix Auto UK sites, discussed a number of ideas and gave the ‘unequivocal thumbs up’ to one initiative which is now undergoing development.

‘On the basis that we almost have a blank canvas in terms of any initiative currently in operation that is fundamental to solving our industry’s skills crisis, we find ourselves in the unique position of having free reign to bring new ideas and concepts to the table,’ said Bob Linwood, AutoRaise CEO. ‘We have uncovered a number of exciting programmes from other industries and brought some key industry players in to capture their opinion and guidance before making any commitments on behalf of the industry.’

Neilson Jones, group commercial director at Alton Cars said, ‘It was a really fascinating day. To listen how other industries use innovation to progress the development of young people was a real eye opener. We were asked to clear our minds of the industry baggage we carry about each day and open our eyes to new ways of thinking. These new programmes are clearly light years away from anything our industry has ever seen and it’s really exciting to be part of a group that is investing its time in to making positive change.’

Motofix owner, Richard Tutt explained, ‘I was really pleased to be asked to make up the group. The meeting was particularly interesting as AutoRaise were able to provide visible and tangible proof that they are absolutely going for it. We have our own AutoRaise Industry Showcase Event in early 2017 and I’m excited to be part of such a fresh and innovative approach to problem solving.’

AutoRaise continues to progress on its mission to help the vehicle repair industry address its skills shortage with an increasing number of stakeholders joining the growing ranks of supporters.