Arval flags fleet safety standards

Delivery fleets need to ensure that safety standards are being upheld as seasonal demand grows, says Arval.

The vehicle leasing and fleet management company pointed out that new government figures show a surge in van mileage has been attributed to the growth in home shopping – while there has been a series of stories in the press about the stresses being applied to delivery drivers.

Simon Cook, LCV consultant at Arval, said, ‘It appears the pressure being brought to bear on delivery fleets increases every year, especially around the traditional seasonal peaks such as Christmas and artificial ones like Black Friday.

‘The message we’d like to get across to delivery fleets working against this backdrop is that it is crucial not to cut corners when it comes to your risk management policy, both from an ethical and legal point of view.’

Simon also claimed there were no excuses for making compromises when it came to ensuring that standards covering delivery vehicles themselves were maintained.

‘If a van is due for servicing in December, then it should be serviced in December, no matter what operational demands you face. There is a temptation to put it back until January, but you will simply be taking unnecessary risks.

‘Similarly, while vehicles are being used intensively, it becomes even more important that daily visual safety checks, such as on tyres, are being carried out. When your fleet is being placed under more pressure, that is the time to step up your risk management.’