Tesla named ultimate green choice

Although the Tesla comes with a £60,000 starting price, Jeff Knight at CAP believes Tesla holds its value better than almost any other modern car on the market today.

According to the motor industry’s CAP Black Book, the Tesla is the green motoring choice for the serious car buyer with a decent budget and a passion for investing in the latest electric vehicle technology.

‘The Tesla is still, relatively, rare in the UK and most are bought new by passionate enthusiasts or business fleet buyers,’ explained Jeff. ‘This means that second-hand examples tend to be fitted with between £10,000-20,000 worth of optional equipment. This helps the Tesla hold its value on the used car market. At Black Book, we have held Tesla values static for a year now, which is highly unusual.’

Even though it’s a full electric vehicle, owners seem happy to make the switch from a fuel vehicle to Tesla. The Model S Tesla has a range of between 200 to around 265 miles, depending on the battery option of the vehicle and the nature of the drive. When it comes to charging, owners can opt to use a domestic supply or invest in an industrial charging installation at their home, partly subsidised by Tesla.

Tesla owners benefit from a growing network of UK supercharger points (currently 29) which work at the rate of 68 miles per hour of charge. These will take the car up to 80% charged in 40 minutes and 100% in 75 minutes, keeping drivers on the road.

Jeff continued, ‘Many Tesla owners alter their lifestyle to fit the charging regime, because they are that passionate about the benefits of their vehicle. In the US, it’s not unusual for owners to call at the supercharger on the way home and sit in the car, using the free Wi-Fi to send emails as the car charges.’