Steer clear of workplace traffic accidents

Companies have been urged to reassess their traffic management systems after the HSE revealed that one in eight workplace fatalities are vehicle-related.

HSE figures showed that there were 16 fatal accidents and more than 500 major incidents that involved vehicles on work premises in 2013/14, typically taking place in loading bays, car parks and warehouses.

As a result, workplace equipment supplier Slingsby has advised companies to evaluate their traffic management systems at least once a year.

Lee Wright, group sales and marketing director said, ‘Although long-term there is a downward trend when it comes to vehicle-related accidents, most of those that still occur are preventable.

‘Often making a few simple improvements can have a big impact when it comes to vehicle safety.

‘In most cases, the law deems employee-safety to be the responsibility of the employer, apart from when a person is visiting another organisation’s premises, when their safety becomes the responsibility of whoever is in charge of the site.’

To help companies assess their traffic management systems, Slingsby has compiled a ten-step check-list that could improve safety:

  • Mark lines with an appropriate product, suiting both the floor surface and the vehicles that will cross them
  • Maintain lines regularly so they’re clearly visible
  • Create separate routes for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Barriers should be fitted in particularly dangerous areas
  • Select safe crossing points
  • Ensure crossing points are well-marked for both vehicles and pedestrians
  • Vehicles and pedestrians should use separate doors to enter and exit buildings
  • Consider the procedures in place for reversing vehicles and install mirrors where necessary
  • Regularly review the procedures and instructions given to new drivers visiting the premises
  • Consider improving signage and lighting.