HPI Crushwatch values November at £6.5m

HPI CrushWatch has unearthed £6,556,560 worth of finance hits during the month of November 2015.

Delivered in conjunction with the FLA/ACPO Vehicle Recovery Scheme, HPI Crushwatch received a total of 7,605 enquiries for the month with a total finance hits number of 840, valued at £6,556,560.

The top five marques highlighted by the service included Vauxhall with 128 vehicles and a value of £490,035; Ford with 114 vehicles and a value of £600,055, and BMW with 91 vehicles to the value of £936,350. Both Mercedes-Benz and Audi had over £1m worth of vehicles outstanding finance.

The top most valuable recoveries included a Porsche 911 GT3 valued at £65,200, a Mercedes C63 AMG with a value of £56,500 and another Porsche 911 at £55,900.

The Metropolitan Police unravelled the highest total value of hits by police force with over £2.5m identified.
Crushwatch, which aims to stifle illegal motoring habits, works with the FLA/ACPO Vehicle Recovery Scheme to identify and return untaxed and uninsured vehicles which rightly belong to finance companies.