Electric cars for hire in London

Thousands of electric cars will be available in London as part of a car share scheme being implemented over the next four years.

The first cars will park up in February, with 3,000 vehicles expected to be available to member by 2020.

Called the Bluecity scheme, it’s being introduced by French company, the Bolloré group, which is already operating similar schemes in France and America.

The idea is that 3,000 Renault-built electric cars will be available to scheme members to use on journeys inside the M25. Members will be sent a contactless card which they can use to unlock the cars and access the charging grid.

It will cost £5 per half hour in the car, with average journeys in London predicted to be about 45 minutes.

The Bolloré group, which owns BluepointLondon so is in charge of the Source London EV charging network, will launch the Bluecity scheme in February with a small number of cars and up to 200 charging points, before scaling up.