Cuvva launches in UK

A new short term car insurance app that allows users to get fully covered on any car in the UK for a little as an hour has been launched.

The Cuvva app allows users to simply enter the registration number of the car to be used. The user then chooses how many hours they want to be insured for.

Founder of Cuvva, Freddy Macnamara, said, ‘The reason we launched Cuvva was to try and improve the current UK car insurance model. Consumer expectations are that we should be able to get what we want, when we want and all from our personal devices; why should car insurance be any different. Technology has been used to consistently improve most industries yet the car insurance model remains largely unchanged. What we want to do is enable UK Drivers to get simple, quick, and efficient access to other cars whenever they need them.’

Once registered, UK drivers aged between 21 and 65 years old can get fully covered for between one hour and 24 hours, providing they have a valid driving licence. Cuvva is fully regulated by the FCA.