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Volvo launches UK ambition

Volvo Cars, is to begin the UK’s most ambitious autonomous driving trial next year to speed up the introduction of a technology that promises to massively reduce car accidents as well as free up congested roads and save drivers valuable time. The Swedish company, whose name has been synonymous with automotive safety ever since it invented the three-point seatbelt in […]

Volvo announces record sales month

Volvo Cars reports that November was its best sales month in its 88-year history. Volvo posted a 26% increase in retail sales for the month of November, selling 49,055 cars globally, which represents a new all-time high result for a single month. In the medium term, Volvo is targeting annual sales of 800,000 cars globally following a complete renewal of […]

Under construction – Engineering

We speak with those in the know about vehicle construction and the challenges that advanced, lightweight, multi-material usage poses for repair technicians. The technology and materials involved in vehicle construction has changed drastically in recent years, with lightweight, multi-material usage vehicles becoming more of the norm. This has, in turn, had a knock-on effect on the repair industry, with bodyshops […]

Volvo partners with Microsoft

Volvo will work together with Microsoft to jointly develop next-generation automotive technologies. The two companies today revealed how Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer, might be used in future to redefine how customers first encounter and explore a car, as well as how cars might be bought and sold in future. Areas of future collaboration between the […]

Volvo unveils Concept 26

Volvo Cars’ ongoing research into autonomous driving has confirmed what we all know – that the daily commute is taking the joy out of driving. It is during the commute and on long motorway trips that people are most willing to delegate the act of driving to their car. With this in mind, Volvo has developed Concept 26, named to […]

Volvo Cars UK launches Lifepaint

Volvo will this weekend launch its highly successful Volvo Cars LifePaint product – a reflective spray aimed at increasing the visibility and safety of cyclists on the road. It will be available in participating Volvo dealers from 24 October in time for darker nights when the clocks go back. The unique reflective spray, which was first available as part of a […]

Volvo unveils global electrification strategy

Volvo has announced one of the automotive industry’s most comprehensive electrification strategies in which plug-in hybrids will be introduced across its entire range. It will develop an entirely new range of electrified smaller cars and build a fully electric car for sale by 2019. As part of this new strategy, the Swedish car company said it expects electrified vehicles to […]

Volvo reveals new driverless interface

Volvo has revealed one of the industry’s most advanced and easy-to-use interfaces to oversee how drivers will transfer control to a car’s autonomous driving (AD) mode in its forthcoming cars. The advent of autonomous driving technology means that the relationship between a driver and a car’s user interface is of crucial significance. A safe and seamless handover of control is […]

Driverless car trials to begin in Australia

Volvo will conduct the first on-road trials of driverless cars in the Southern Hemisphere in South Australia in November. The testing by Volvo will be held in conjunction with an international conference on driverless cars in Adelaide. Volvo will test the same vehicle being used in their ‘Drive Me’ project in Sweden. South Australia legalised the use of driverless cars on […]

Volvo acquire 100% of Polestar

Premium carmaker Volvo has acquired 100 per cent of Polestar, the Swedish high performance car company, including the Polestar brand. Polestar will now be used as the model name for special high performance Volvos. Polestar will also in future utilise Volvo’s twin engine electrification technology to develop next generation performance cars. Volvo is the largest manufacturer of plug in hybrid […]

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