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Toyota/Lexus hybrids reach 200,000 sales

When Toyota initially launched its hybrid powered vehicles to the UK market, it’s fair to say the firm made a modest entry with the introduction of the original Prius. What initially seemed like a niche approach to giving motoring a new environmental focus has since proved to be a transformative technology that sits firmly in the mainstream, a fact reflected […]

Toyota to invest £1 billion in AI

Toyota announced at a press conference in Tokyo that it will establish a new company, Toyota Research Institute Inc. (TRI), as an R&D enterprise with an initial focus on artificial intelligence and robotics. The headquarters will be located in Silicon Valley near Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. A second facility will be located near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology […]

Toyota overtakes VW in sales

Toyota has retaken to the top spot in global vehicle sales after releasing figures for the first nine months of the year. The Japanese firm sold 7.5 million in the first three quarters of 2015, beating Volkswagen’s 7.43 million and General Motors’ 7.2 million. After the first six months of the year, VW overtook Toyota for the first time, however VW’s […]

Toyota recalls 6.5 million cars

Japanese carmaker Toyota has said it will recall 6.5 million vehicles worldwide over a faulty window switch. The power switch could potentially short-circuit, causing parts to overheat and could lead to a fire. Toyota has already recalled some 10 million cars globally that were fitted with faulty air bags linked to a number of deaths. The defective window switch affects models […]

Toyota unveils bold new environmental targets

With the aim of contributing to global environmental sustainability, Toyota has developed an ambitious set of goals to be achieved over the next 35 years. Addressing key global environmental issues such as climate change, water shortages, resource depletion, and degradation of biodiversity, the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 aims to reduce the negative impact of manufacturing and driving vehicles as much […]

Toyota self-driving cars by 2020

Toyota has unveiled its vision for self-driving cars, promising to start selling autonomous vehicles in Japan by 2020. Toyota demonstrated on a Tokyo motorway what it called the ‘mobility team-mate concept’, meaning the driver and the artificial intelligence in a sensor-packed car work together as a team. In the demonstration, a Lexus drove itself at 37mph (within the within the […]

Spies Hecker tops Toyota competition

The winner and runner-up of the 2015 Toyota Paint Technician Skills competition are from Spies Hecker bodyshops. The winner, Martin Moss from RRG Toyota in Bolton, Lancashire, will now go on to compete in the 25th Annual Assembly of International Customer Service Champions in Japan in October 2015. ‘Martin was the runner-up at the last competition and was determined to […]

Toyota invests $50m in autonomous cars

Toyota is making a major investment into developing intelligent and self-driving vehicles alongside two leading US universities. Over the next five years, Toyota Motor Corporation will invest approximately $50 million (about £32 million) in establishing joint research centres at both Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to further its expertise in computer science and human-machine interaction with the aim of reducing road injuries and […]

Toyota Safety Sense added to small cars

Where Toyotas are concerned, being small is no barrier to benefiting from the latest safety technology. The Aygo city car and Yaris supermini are now available with Toyota Safety Sense, providing a range of features that can help prevent an accident happening, or reduce the severity of an impact. Toyota Safety Sense is being rolled out across the range following its […]

VW overtakes Toyota’s global sales

Volkswagen overtook Toyota as the world’s largest carmaker in terms of sales in the first half year, achieving its long-held ambition three years ahead of target. But remaining on top will be a challenge for the German maker of the Golf and Polo, as deliveries are falling in China, the destination of a third of its global sales, making it […]

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