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Innovation in Coatings at SURCAR 2015

Dr. Klemens Bartmann, global director technology OEM for Axalta Coating Systems, spoke at the 28th International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing (SURCAR) in Cannes, France. His speech concentrated on Axalta’s lightweight multi-substrate body design and low bake coatings, and outlined how Axalta is creating new levels of technological innovation by working to provide sustainable manufacturing processes for automotive original equipment […]

Volvo cuts accident claims by 28%

One of the most comprehensive scientific studies performed on collision avoidance systems in cars reveals that Volvo Cars’ standard City Safety technology reduces insurance claims for rear-end frontal collisions by 28%. Based on real-life accumulated insurance claims data from the Swedish insurers If and Volvia, the study of City Safety performance conclusively reveals the real-life value of auto braking collision […]

Wireless partnership creates telematics solution

A new partnership between two leading technology firms has resulted in the development of one of the most advanced telematics solutions available on the market. Vehicle-to-business technology provider, In-Car Cleverness, has adopted specialised cellular solutions from Novatel Wireless, a provider of wireless solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Together with Novatel Wireless’s advanced technologies, In-Car Cleverness can now support […]

Charity calls for technology take-up

A report released this month by Brake, the road safety charity, and Licence Bureau, has found many employers with vehicle fleets are not taking advantage of new technologies to protect vulnerable road users. Despite the potential to help drivers see pedestrians and cyclists and reduce casualties, only one in five HGV operators surveyed (20%) have rear-facing cameras on all vehicles, […]

Rolls-Royce on track for centre launch

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has confirmed that construction of the company’s new Technology and Logistics Centre at Bognor Regis is well underway and on track for a successful launch in early 2016. In celebration, a new Rolls-Royce Wraith drove onto the construction site, marking the first time that one of the super-luxury manufacturer’s motor cars has been present at the new […]

Active safety next ‘essential’

Lane departure, blind spot monitoring and intelligent braking systems are set to become the next ‘essential options’ in executive cars, Glass’s has predicted. These active safety systems are growing more significant in the eyes of many used car buyers, says Steve Jackson, chief car editor of Glass’s. He explained, ‘There is a list of features that used executive car buyers […]

Autonomy to change ownership model

The arrival of autonomous vehicles may completely revolutionise the present car ownership model, according to Glass’s. There are a variety of likely developments but it is possible that manufacturers will retain ownership of the vehicle throughout its life and lease it either to individuals or consortiums in localised urban areas. Rupert Pontin, head of valuations at Glass’s, said, ‘In recent […]

Older drivers must embrace technology

Older drivers need to be helped to stay safe on the roads for as long as possible through a combination of training and technology, according to the AA Charitable Trust. Today Edmund King, director of the AA Charitable Trust and Visiting Professor of Transport at Newcastle University, will address the subject at the Transport Matters Event at Newcastle University to […]

Fleets gain technology insight

Thatcham Research has provided some of the UK’s leading fleet operators with an insight into evolving vehicle technology at its Stop the Crash: Fleet Brake Off event. The track day event, held at Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire, offered an insight into autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) as well as allowing attendees to experience the […]

Airbag development for Google’s car

Google has been awarded a new patent which could see its driverless car come with airbags on the outside to protect pedestrians, Quartz has reported. In a new patent awarded to Google yesterday, the company outlined a system for external airbags and bumpers that could deploy in the event of an accident. One idea suggested in the patent is to […]

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