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Motorists risk £6bn a year

Vehicle history data from the RAC reveals that nine out of 10 motorists are taking on unnecessary risk when it comes to vetting the next car in their life, as just 10% of used car buyers bother to check a car’s history before buying. With 2.8m used cars sold privately every year that means that over 2.5m are being bought […]

Texting and walking is a huge risk

Ford has commissioned a survey of 10,000 people across Europe to measure the issue of distracted pedestrians – including those crossing the road where there is no official crossing. According to official data, more than 85,000 pedestrians lost their lives on European roads between 2003 and 2013, which recognises car crashes are the leading cause of death in 18 to […]

Support for speed cameras wavers

A national survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has shown that although most drivers support speed cameras there are big variations across the country – and Londoners and people in the north-east appear to show higher levels of resistance than most. The survey polled 1,000 drivers of all age groups across Britain and asked ‘It is now common […]

Stop The Crash Campaign launched

Global NCAP with a group of key corporate partners, including Thatcham Research, is launching a new four year global campaign in support of the current UN Decade of Action for Road Safety to promote awareness of leading crash avoidance technologies in the major emerging automobile markets. The Stop the Crash campaign will highlight three key crash avoidance technologies: Electronic Stability […]

Speed cameras may create bad behaviour

Using more than 1 billion miles of driving behaviour data, Wunelli, has revealed the most frequent braking black spots across the UK created by speed cameras, based on motorists braking excessively just before speed cameras to avoid being caught. Around 80% of all the UK speed cameras investigated had hard braking activity, with braking increasing six fold on average at […]

Country roads ‘deadliest’ in Britain

Three people are killed on Britain’s country roads every day, making them the deadliest roads nationwide. Figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT) reveal a total of 1,040 people were killed and 9,051 seriously injured on country roads last year. Some 348 of the fatalities recorded during the 12-month period occurred on a bend. In light of the shocking […]

Brake urge introduction of ISA

Brake, the road safety charity, is urging the government to take steps towards introducing intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) on UK roads, after a survey carried out on behalf of the charity found almost two-thirds (63%) of drivers would be willing to let this ground-breaking technology automatically restrict their speed. ISA technology uses GPS combined with a digital map of speed […]

Volvo Cars UK launches Lifepaint

Volvo will this weekend launch its highly successful Volvo Cars LifePaint product – a reflective spray aimed at increasing the visibility and safety of cyclists on the road. It will be available in participating Volvo dealers from 24 October in time for darker nights when the clocks go back. The unique reflective spray, which was first available as part of a […]

Mobile phone prosecutions drop drastically

Fewer motorists are being prosecuted for using their mobile phone while driving than ever before, according to official figures seen by the RAC – with prosecutions down by 47% between 2009 and 2014. The fall comes despite figures from the Department for Transport showing a persistent number of drivers are still using their phone at the wheel – highlighting a worrying mismatch […]

Surge in careless driving convictions

Newly released figures show that more than 17,000 drivers have been convicted of careless driving in the space of just two years. New powers were granted to the police in August 2013, allowing them to issue on-the-spot fines to motorists who put the lives of other road users at risk – and since then the number of offenders has rocketed. […]

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