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Telematics convicts hit and run driver

Evidence provided by a telematics device has resulted in a suspended prison sentence for a motorist who ploughed into a pedestrian walking home from a Christmas celebration on 12 December last year, says anti-motor fraud unit, APU Ltd. The driver, Nicholas Regan, 24, of Bushy Mead, Basildon, admitted hitting Giuseppe Tocco, from Billericay, as well as perverting the course of […]

Ageas early adopters of Insurance Act

Ageas has become one of the UK’s first insurers to adopt the principles of the Insurance Act 2015, 10 months ahead of the 12 August 2016 live date. As part of this process, Ageas has confirmed to brokers that there will be no change to its TOBAs as a consequence of the Insurance Act 2015. Any new claims from Ageas […]

Speed fines contested via Telematics

More than a third (35%) of businesses in the UK have used telematics tracking technology to contest either a speeding fine or a false insurance claim, new research from RAC Business reveals. According to the research among 500 UK businesses, 18% of companies have used telematics data to prove that a driver wasn’t at fault for an insurance claim, and […]

Zurich group to cut 500 jobs

Zurich Insurance Group plans to cut up to 10%, or 500 jobs, from its 5,500-member workforce in Germany over the next two years as it consolidates operations, according to Reuters. A company spokesman in Germany said the programme was limited to Germany and sought to cut costs at a time the company was investing 200 million euros ($228 million) to make its […]

RAC launches Black Box Insurance

The RAC is rewarding motorists who prove they are safe drivers from this week with the launch of a Black Box Insurance scheme. Drivers can show how safe they are by installing telematics technology, which records their behaviour behind the wheel. As many as 500,000 UK drivers already have insurance telematics gadgets installed in their vehicles, according to the RAC. It says […]

£570k fine issued against claims firm

Rock Law Ltd, based in Swansea, has been fined almost £570,000 for coercing clients into signing contracts, without giving them enough time to understand the terms and conditions before taking unauthorised payments. The record fine is the second to be issued in as many months by the regulator, based at the Ministry of Justice, and comes after the Government changed […]

Concern raised over basic hire rates

Concerns have been raised over the manner in which solicitors are providing evidence of vehicle rental rates (known as Basic Hire Rates) in disputed car accidents, according to a report published today. Concern over the honesty of evidence submitted in 61% of 196 court cases has been raised, a figure that the report’s author feels ‘could be just the tip […]

Insurance fraud uncovered by telematics

Insurance companies are now fighting fraudulent claims by using driving data and reports of journeys recorded in black boxes installed under car dashboards. For the first time, an insurer has been able to use the information from the black box technology, or telematics, to successfully prove in court that an accident was fraudulent, according to a story on Money Mail. In […]

Millions driving with dashcams

Almost three million motorists are now recording their journeys with on-board dash cams, according to a new RAC study. And the survey carried out by the motoring organisation suggests millions more – 52% of those polled – are thinking about getting one. One in four believe fitting a dash cam will make their driving better, while over two-thirds (69%) of […]

Hackers still targeting high-end vehicles

Car hackers are continuing to target high-tech cars in London, warns stolen vehicle recovery expert TRACKER. The latest victim from South Kensington had their 2015 Range Rover Evoque stolen from outside their home on the 1st October. The owner realised the vehicle had been stolen when he received a movement alert from TRACKER. Immediately the police were alerted to the […]

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