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The age of enlightenment

As car technology continues to evolve at an astounding rate, one of the things manufacturers are focusing on, in regards to car safety, is the design and development of lighting. As car lighting is set to get increasingly more sophisticated, bodyshop magazine looks at what effect this will have on the repair industry. One manufacturer leading the way in car […]

Ford develop world-first knee airbag

The all-new Ford Mustang is the first vehicle to be equipped with a new type of knee airbag that is integrated within the lid of the glove box, instead of the instrument panel, preserving maximum passenger space. Rather than a textile fabric airbag, the technology consists of an innovative moulded plastic design, sandwiched between the outer and inner glove box […]

Gamers to revamp future of mobility

Ford Motor Company announced yesterday during Gamescom a competition that challenges video game developers to create solutions for global mobility issues. The Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge, developed with Cologne Game Lab, encourages developers to turn the challenge of integrating different transport modes within a city into fun and engaging online games. Gamescom 2015 – the largest interactive games trade fair […]

Ford developing advanced headlights

Driving at night, particularly on unlit roads, can be a nerve-wracking experience. Ford is developing new lighting technologies that will enable drivers to more easily identify potential hazards, including pedestrians, cyclists and animals. Ford’s Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System can widen the beam at junctions and roundabouts to better illuminate hazards that are not in the direction of travel. New […]

Ford joins rivals with self-driving car tech

Executives at Ford have announced that the car company is joining other major car manufacturers in stepping up efforts to roll out self-driving cars, Reuters reports. The US car company will expand advanced safety technology, including automatic braking, across its global vehicle line-up over the next five years, they said. Such systems, the precursors of fully autonomous vehicles, enable hands-free […]

New Ford video tech helps drivers see around corners

Ford is introducing a new camera technology that can see around corners, even when drivers cannot, to help avert accidents. The innovative Front Split View Camera -available as an option on the all-new Ford Galaxy and S-MAX – displays a 180-degree view from the front of the car, using a video camera in the grille. At a blind junction or […]

Ford opens portfolio to competitors

Ford Motor Company is offering competitors access to its electrified vehicle technology patents – a move to help accelerate industry-wide research and development of electrified vehicles. In 2014, Ford filed more than 400 patents dedicated to electrified vehicle technologies. This is more than 20% of the patents the company filed – totaling more than 2,000 applications. ‘Innovation is our goal,’ […]

Ford introduces free service app

Ford has introduced a new service app designed to benefit the owners of Ford vehicles within the UK and across Europe. The Ford service app, available to download for free on Apple iOS and Google Android devices, provides the user with local information and useful tips, including an ability to locate the nearest petrol station or Ford dealer. A number […]

Ford extends Motorcraft’s reach

Ford has signed up to WhoCanFixMyCar.com – a parts and servicing price comparison site designed to highlight the best choices for vehicle maintenance and repair work. Participating dealers from Ford’s network of more than 500 sites across the UK will make the prices of Ford’s Motorcraft 4+ vehicle parts and servicing options available online, and it is the first time […]

Ford teams up with ‘Marmalade’

Marmalade to help reduce the cost of motoring for young drivers – and make the dream of owning a new car a reality. The scheme brings together the popular Ford Options two-year personal contract purchase plan with a  discreet telematics ‘black box’ fitted free of charge by Marmalade. Ford will contribute up to £1,450 towards the cost of insuring a […]

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