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3D printing assists Ford development

Ford has said it uses 3D printing to reduce development time through the production of prototype parts that enable designers and engineers to quickly test and refine different approaches. Traditional prototyping methods require special tools and can be time‑consuming. Ford can print a 3D part in a few hours and, for as little as £750, open up the opportunity for […]

Ford optimises service with RAC

Ford technicians across its dealership network have been praised for the high quality of their vehicle servicing by RAC engineers. This follows a successful 10-year association to provide independent assessment of customer vehicle repair and servicing quality. The RAC Service Workshop Quality Programme, introduced in March 2005, carries out up to 10,000 Ford vehicle service inspections every year – equivalent […]

Ford tests autonomous vehicles at Mcity

Ford is the first carmaker to test autonomous vehicles at Mcity – a simulated real-world urban environment at the University of Michigan, USA. The 32-acre facility is part of the university’s Mobility Transformation Centre. Mcity provides real-world road scenarios – such as running a red light – that cannot be replicated on public roads. There are street lights, pedestrian crossings, […]

Ford develops active noise control

Boffins at the blue oval have been busy working away on noise cancelling technology set to feature on its latest flagship model, the Ford Mondeo Vignale. The technology works similar to noise cancelling headphones, which can be used for minimising background noise on a business flight, or silencing the babble of commuters on a train. Noise-cancelling headphones have made journeys […]

Texting and walking is a huge risk

Ford has commissioned a survey of 10,000 people across Europe to measure the issue of distracted pedestrians – including those crossing the road where there is no official crossing. According to official data, more than 85,000 pedestrians lost their lives on European roads between 2003 and 2013, which recognises car crashes are the leading cause of death in 18 to […]

Ford Impact Conference and Awards 2015

On Friday 23 October, bodyshop magazine attended the Ford Impact Conference and Excellence Awards 2015 at Donington Park. The event, now in its seventh year, hosted an array of trade stands and conferences that took place over the course of the day. Speakers included; Tom Overington, vehicle safety project manager Ford, Nigel Stimpson, manager of development and quality, Henry Ford Academy […]

Ford improves adhesives through nature

Ford will chart new territory as it seeks to create adhesive innovations inspired by the gecko. Working alongside Procter & Gamble, both companies will share biomimicry research findings in the search for new business solutions. For years, Ford researchers have considered ways to make auto manufacturing more sustainable. A key challenge is that glue used to adhere foams to plastics and […]

More VM’s involved in DieselGate?

Four major vehicle manufacturers have been drawn into the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal after Government-funded research revealed that their engines are emitting toxic fumes at up to seven times the legal limit. The Institute for Transport Studies at Leeds University tested hundreds of new diesel cars on UK roads and found that popular brands including BMW, Ford, Mazda and Mercedes, as […]

New survey shows accelerating SUV boom

A new Ford Motor Company survey shows SUVs are highly desired by Millennials – those aged 17-34 – indicating Europe’s SUV boom is poised to accelerate as the generation reaches prime new car buying age. More so than other age groups, Millennials say SUVs make them feel powerful when they drive, are the kind of vehicle they want to be […]

Parents drive kids mad on road trips

Kids are often blamed for being a disruptive influence on car journeys, but according to a new Ford survey parents are creating just as much tension while on the move. Having to endure parents singing is the number one pet hate for children on family car journeys, a new Ford survey shows. Kids also complain that badly-behaved mums and dads […]

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