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Half of motorists oppose driverless cars

Half of motorists oppose driverless cars as Britain takes pole position in the development of self-driving vehicles, according to a new survey And 62% of drivers said they would feel less safe on the roads alongside other vehicles with no human behind the wheel. Almost three-quarters of those surveyed (72%) said there would be added complications to resolving insurance disputes […]

Volvo unveils Concept 26

Volvo Cars’ ongoing research into autonomous driving has confirmed what we all know – that the daily commute is taking the joy out of driving. It is during the commute and on long motorway trips that people are most willing to delegate the act of driving to their car. With this in mind, Volvo has developed Concept 26, named to […]

KIA plans autonomous cars for 2020

In-line with other major vehicle manufacturers Kia Motors plans to introduce a range of partially-autonomous driving technologies to its model line-up by 2020, and is aiming to bring its first fully-autonomous car to market by 2030. The initial stage of investment by Kia – totalling US$2 billion by 2018 – will enable the company to develop the first of its […]

Ford tests autonomous vehicles at Mcity

Ford is the first carmaker to test autonomous vehicles at Mcity – a simulated real-world urban environment at the University of Michigan, USA. The 32-acre facility is part of the university’s Mobility Transformation Centre. Mcity provides real-world road scenarios – such as running a red light – that cannot be replicated on public roads. There are street lights, pedestrian crossings, […]

JLR launches £11m driverless car programme

Jaguar Land Rover is teaming up with academics across the UK in a bid to develop fully autonomous cars. The £11 million programme, jointly funded by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, has awarded funding to a total of five projects nationwide. Research will be split between 10 universities and the Transport Research Laboratory. Dr Wolfgang Epple, director of […]

Volvo reveals new driverless interface

Volvo has revealed one of the industry’s most advanced and easy-to-use interfaces to oversee how drivers will transfer control to a car’s autonomous driving (AD) mode in its forthcoming cars. The advent of autonomous driving technology means that the relationship between a driver and a car’s user interface is of crucial significance. A safe and seamless handover of control is […]

Motorists red light driverless cars

Motorists could stop self-driving cars in their tracks with more than 70 per cent ready to turn their backs on the march of automotive progress, according to a new survey. Just over five per cent of motorists asked by the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux said they would embrace the new technology that’s causing such a buzz in […]

TomTom launch RoadDNA

TomTom today announced the launch of TomTom RoadDNA, an innovative new product for vehicle localisation that will help make automated driving a reality, faster. Designed with vehicle data storage and processing limitations in mind, RoadDNA delivers highly accurate location information that can easily be integrated into the on-board system of a vehicle. ‘We know that the future of automated driving […]

Lasers can stop driverless cars

A homemade gadget can disable the systems that allow self-driving cars to see where they are going, the BBC reports. Jonathan Petit, a security researcher, demonstrated how a modified, low-cost laser could create ghostlike objects in the path of autonomous cars. The cars slowed down to avoid hitting them and if enough ghost objects were created, the car would stop […]

Consumers concerned with driverless car safety

With the arrival of autonomous cars looming, OSV Ltd, a vehicle leasing company surveyed around 500 people in the UK to find out exactly what was concerning them most when it comes to driverless cars. The results from the survey carried out by OSV Ltd were overwhelming! 72% of the UK population admitted that they had concerns with driverless cars […]

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