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VW reduce level of capex

The Volkswagen Group is aligning investment activity in its Automotive Division with the current situation. The aim is for planned investments in property, plant and equipment, investment property and intangible assets, excluding capitalized development costs (capex), to be capped at approximately EUR 12 billion next year. The average figure for the previous planning period was about €13 billion per year. […]

VW knew about emissions in 2014

Volkswagen’s US boss, Michael Horn, has admitted he was aware early last year of the emissions cheating affecting millions of the company’s vehicles. Horn said he was told about a ‘possible emissions non-compliance’ in the spring of 2014. The revelation was made in testimony due to be presented to a committee of the US House of Representatives investigating the scandal on Thursday. […]

Consumers won’t incur extra diesel tax

The government has announced today, 2 October 2015, that UK taxpayers will not incur higher Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) if their existing vehicles are found to be fitted with illegal software that manipulates emissions tests. Following VW’s admission of using ‘defeat devices’ in diesel cars, there is an ongoing UK government investigation which began last week into the extent of […]

Negative sentiment surrounding VW soars

Following Volkswagen’s admission that nearly 11 million of its cars are fitted with the software that dupes diesel emissions testing, there has been a considerable rise in the negative sentiment expressed towards the company via social media. Roughly 122K tweets were analysed surrounding the VW revelations. On the 29th September 56.96% of tweets were positive, prior to the figures on how many cars […]