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Hats on for mental health

Hold on to your hats… Ben’s ‘Hats on 4 Mental Health Day’ automotive industry fundraiser returns on 13 October. Ben, the not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life, has revealed the details of this year’s Hats on 4 Mental Health Day on 13th October, during the week of World Mental Health Day. Last year […]

Construction industry in serious need of new talent

Key trades in the construction industry are currently in short supply. According to the chief executive of The Federation of Master Builders, the industry is experiencing a serious skills shortage. ‘We’ve been experiencing a severe shortage of bricklayers and carpenters for quite some time and skills shortages are now seeping into other key trades such as roofers and plumbers. Indeed, […]

What makes a good leader

Here, Zara Ross, chief executive at Ben gives us her top 10 management tips. Leadership and management are not the same thing, but being a strong manager goes some way to being an effective leader. We will each have our own style of management, but it’s important to recognise that research shows 42% of people leave jobs because of a […]

BLOG: Why mental health is key to wellbeing

Blog by Yvonne Hignell, care and support services director, Ben There’s a lot of evidence, including within our own findings, which suggests strong links between mental health issues (eg depression and anxiety) and social challenges (like isolation and loneliness). Furthermore, the impact that these situations can have on a person’s physical health has also been well documented. Public Health England’s […]

BLOG: Five lessons from the ‘4 Pillars Challenge’

Blog by Dave Garrett, Business Change Analyst at Ben At the beginning of the year, I set myself an epic personal challenge to raise money for Ben by covering 4,000 ‘self-propelled’ miles in a year by walking, swimming, running, kayaking and cycling. This is in line with Ben’s four quarterly awareness campaigns, focused on financial, social, physical and mental health […]

BLOG: John Surtees – an appreciation

CHRIS MANN: The son of a south London motor bike shop owner John Surtees grew up with petrol in his veins, competing with his father in grass-track events in the early post war years. He soon turned to circuit racing, winning his first race at the age of 17 on a self-prepared Vincent Grey Flash. By the mid-50s and clearly […]

BLOG: The development and growth of autonomous cars

Blog by Dan Dixon, Communications Manager for Universal Components UK: The autonomous car market is expanding at an existential rate and a whole host of driverless vehicles are expected on our roads within the next five years. Critics of this innovative technology have clearly stated negative feelings towards the public launch of driverless vehicles, many fearing the safety of pedestrians, others […]

BLOG: Insurance for young drivers a joke

GEORGE FRYER: A friend of mine has just bought his first year’s car insurance costing him £2,600. A little over two years ago I was in the same boat, although when I got a quote for the same type of car it was at half the price he received. (The car being a VW Polo third gen 2001, typ 6N2) […]

BLOG: Education’s what you need

MARK HADAWAY: It’s cold (-3 degree C), it’s dark (5.45am) and it’s frosty yet the driver behind me, who is sat feet from my rear bumper, is clearly very confident in their own ability, and their vehicle, to stop on a sixpence should the need arise… I, however, am not so sure. Now, before we get too embroiled in the […]

BLOG: The mainstream media is lying to you!

ALAN FELDBERG: Luckily we’re a trade magazine so this doesn’t apply to us, but this sort of provocative headline is the sort of thing that’s getting harder and harder to avoid. It used to be that sensationalism and clickbait applied only to a certain kind of media. Now however, the temptation to turn news reporting into a platform to express […]

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