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BLOG: Insurance for young drivers a joke

GEORGE FRYER: A friend of mine has just bought his first year’s car insurance costing him £2,600. A little over two years ago I was in the same boat, although when I got a quote for the same type of car it was at half the price he received. (The car being a VW Polo third gen 2001, typ 6N2) […]

BLOG: Education’s what you need

MARK HADAWAY: It’s cold (-3 degree C), it’s dark (5.45am) and it’s frosty yet the driver behind me, who is sat feet from my rear bumper, is clearly very confident in their own ability, and their vehicle, to stop on a sixpence should the need arise… I, however, am not so sure. Now, before we get too embroiled in the […]

BLOG: The mainstream media is lying to you!

ALAN FELDBERG: Luckily we’re a trade magazine so this doesn’t apply to us, but this sort of provocative headline is the sort of thing that’s getting harder and harder to avoid. It used to be that sensationalism and clickbait applied only to a certain kind of media. Now however, the temptation to turn news reporting into a platform to express […]

BLOG: Government crackdown can’t suppress addiction

ALAN FELDBERG: So it’s emerged that the government is planning to ramp up the sentencing for drivers involved in fatal accidents who were driving carelessly or dangerously at the time. This would include driving under the influence of drugs or drink, using a mobile behind the wheel or speeding. Ministers want the sanctions for such offences to fall in line […]

BLOG: Looking after your family’s mental health

Blog by Yvonne Hignell, Care & Support Services Director, Ben It is estimated that around 1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem in the UK. While talking about mental health won’t ever be easy, and there has been a lot of stigma surrounding it in the past, starting a conversation can make a world of difference. […]

BLOG: What will you spend your extra £40 on?

ALAN FELDBERG: Well, I for one am looking forward to my insurance premiums falling £40 next year. That’s what we’ve been told will be the result of new government measures tackling the whiplash ‘epidemic’ in this country. The argument is that by cracking down on fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash claims, the industry will save £1bn a year. Insurers have promised […]

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