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Dealers confirm HPI Driveway as the preferred 7-day free insurance partner

Friday, 23 March 2012

Just weeks after announcing its decision to move its Driveaway 7 day free insurance programme to Swinton, early indications are that dealers love the new programme with many already having signed up ready for the June launch.

Dealers confirm HPI Driveway as the preferred 7-day free insurance partner

‘Our decision to move from our existing partner to Swinton has been met with a resounding thumbs up from dealers.  Indeed, we have been overwhelmed by the volume of dealers who have signed up to the new HPI Driveaway in such a short period of time.’ explained Daniel Burgess, managing director for HPI.  ‘We listened to what our clients said they wanted from a free short term insurance solution.  We realised it was important to maintain cover at 7 days rather than cutting to the 5 days being offered by other providers.

‘The key reasons we chose Swinton were:

  • 7 days cover for their customers, not 5
  • Cover arranged through UK call centres
  • No complicated web forms to complete
  • Cover for cars up to 10 years old
  • Competitive annual quotes for all customers, through a fully brokered solution
  • Driveaway available to dealers in Northern Ireland from June

Once a dealer’s customer has opted for the free 7 day policy, Swinton will also compare car insurance quotes from many of the UK’s top insurance companies, helping them find their cheapest price on annual cover. Swinton is a name that consumers and dealers can trust, with over 550 high street branches nationwide and a dedicated UK call centre, delivering excellent service and competitive quotes.

‘Our partnership with Swinton makes HPI Driveaway the most comprehensive scheme of its kind. Crucially, by joining forces with Swinton we have been able to enhance HPI Driveaway to provide the UK call centre service our dealers prefer. We are delighted with the decision to move our HPI Driveaway contract to Swinton, as it offers our dealers a 7-day free insurance product which is convenient, easy to use and fits in with their sales processes – enabling them to provide the best possible service to their customers.’



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