Vauxhall sets the pace in Scotland

Vauxhall celebrated its 11th year as the top selling manufacturer in Scotland.

According to figures released today by the Scottish Motor Trade Association, Vauxhall sold 20,778 cars in Scotland last year, accounting for 11.1% of the market.

With over 5,000 sold last year, the Corsa was Scotland’s second best-selling car. Two other Vauxhall models featured in Scotland’s top 10 best-sellers, including the Crossland X in fifth place with 3,334 sold and the Mokka X in tenth place with 3,126 sold.

‘The Scottish market is of great importance to Vauxhall,’ said Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s group managing director. ‘We are delighted to be Scotland’s biggest-selling car manufacturer for the 11th year running – long may it continue.’

In 2019, Vauxhall will launch the new generation of the best-selling Corsa, a Grandland X PHEV and the successor to the successful British-built Vivaro as commercial vehicle and passenger car variants. Additional variants and equipment versions of the Combo will also be on sale, significantly renewing its commercial vehicle portfolio.