Zap-Map at Home & Work

Zap-Map is delighted to announce the launch of Zap-Home and Zap-Work; two peer-to-peer EV charging networks designed to allow charge point owners to share their charging devices with other EV drivers.

With almost 50% of electric vehicle drivers willing to share their home charge point with other users, around 60,000 EV charge points could potentially be added to the Zap-Home network, dramatically expanding the EV charging infrastructure available to other registered Zap-Map users.

Zap-Home also provides the option for charge point owners to earn money by sharing their home point. Once registered, users can a cost per charge to cover costs, with users able to pay via PayPal.Me to improve convenience and security.

While the new feature allows Zap-Home users to share their unit’s location on Zap-Map, contact details are only visible to other registered users. Using the contact details provided, EV drivers wishing to use a Zap-Home charge point make direct contact the owner to arrange an EV charge.

With more than 30% of workplace charge point owners also willing to share, Zap-Work provides a similar service for businesses and organisations wishing to share a work-based charge point for public or customer use.

Commenting on the launch Dr Ben Lane, CTO at Zap-Map said, ‘We are delighted to be bringing Zap-Home and Zap-Work to the UK EV market in response to the growing demand for charger sharing services. Of our 60,000 monthly userbase, we know that around half are willing to share their home point with other Zap-Map users. Businesses are particularly proactive with 5% of workplace charging points already being shared, either for employee use or as part of improving customer service.’