Worst postcodes for car vandalism

A new study by Churchill car insurance has found that more than a quarter (27%) of UK drivers’ cars have been intentionally vandalised.

To highlight the prevalence of car vandalism crime in the UK, Churchill surprised residents in the worst affected streets, in some of the postcodes that suffer the highest levels of recurring car vandalism, by installing bespoke car covers, featuring its famous nodding bulldog mascot.

Edinburgh, Nottingham and Bristol were named as some of the worst areas in the UK for car vandalism and, shockingly, despite upmarket reputations, postcodes in Aberdeen, Basingstoke and Canary Wharf, London were among the worst affected areas of the UK.

Churchill car insurance highlights ten postcodes for the most repeated car vandalism in the UK2:


1              Nottingham        NG15

2              Edinburgh           EH11

3              Walthamstow, London  E17

4              Manchester       M27

5              Aberdeen           AB11

6              Canary Wharf, London   E14

7              Bristol                BS16

8              Basingstoke        RG22

9              Maidstone          ME18

10           Southampton    SO16

While most respondents would not wish car vandalism upon anyone, one in five (19 %) of Brits voted for the celebrities they would most want to see have their car vandalised, which included Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Clarkson and Theresa May making up the top five.