What motorists want

Running costs, reliability and price are what motorists look for when buying a car, according to a study.

Researchers polled 2,000 British car-buyers and found that also fuel type, road tax and the manufacturer influence the motor drivers go for. Economy, handling and safety have a bearing too – as does size, comfort and emissions according to the poll commissioned by Hyundai.

The research also found motorists typically own a car for five years and eight months before buying a new one. And when they do, they’ll check out just three vehicles before making their mind-up on which one to purchase.

Other factors customers take into account when buying a new car include the length of warranty, boot size and the types of wheels.

Overall size of the car is important too, as is the quality of the sound system and the colour of the interior and the exterior.

A spokesperson for Hyundai commented, ‘There’s so much to take into account when shopping for a new car but as the research suggests we are pretty decisive and know what we want.’