UK shivers in cold snap

Drivers have been warned to expect hazardous driving conditions with snow and ice expected in most parts of the UK throughout the week.

Many areas are already affected, with the cold snap expected to last all week.

The Met Office has said that on Monday evening through to 3pm on Tuesday there is a chance of snow and ice for the north of England, the north west Midlands, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said, ‘Quite a lot of the UK will see some snow as we head through Tuesday, but as it ventures into the Midlands, south-west England and eventually later in the day across south-east England, it’s just going to be a few flakes.’

The Local Government Association said 1.5 million tonnes of salt had been was stockpiled.

Transport spokesman councillor Martin Tett said, ‘Gritters will be out treating thousands of miles of roads as the big chill bites, and councils will be keeping people up-to-date about weather forecasts, road conditions and gritting activity.’