UK EV infrastructure underway

The UK’s race to build a world-leading national charging network has taken a major step forwards as the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act receives Royal Assent.

Announced in the queen’s speech a year ago, the new laws give the government powers to make electric vehicle charge points mandatory at motorway services and even allow mayors to request installations at large fuel retailers in their areas.

Expected to improve consumer confidence in charging its vehicles, the new laws also enable the government to ensure new charge points are ‘smart’, standardise payments and ensure key charge point information is made public while setting standards for reliability.

The new laws also see insurance rules modernised to cover self-driving vehicles, ensuring that motorists are covered both when they are driving, and when the driver has legitimately handed control to the vehicle.

Daniel Brown, EV lead at the REA, said, ‘This act, in addition to the recently released Road to Zero strategy, gives an important and timely boost to the development of a world-leading EV charging network in the UK.’