UK companies lack cyber security

In the UK cyber-crime costs each small business on average £3,000 a year.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre 46% of SMEs suffered at least one cyber security breach or attack in 2017 and 43% of SMEs still have no plan in place to deal with the issue.

The Vision set out by the National Cyber Security Strategy is for the UK to be secure and resilient to cyber threats. Yet, cyber-attacks are growing more frequent, sophisticated and damaging when they succeed.

Businesses must also understand that, if they are the victim of a cyber-attack, they are liable for the consequences and with the new e-privacy laws due to land in the coming months that could mean that business owners are personally liable for claims and fines.

Currently only 20% of all UK businesses provide the necessary cyber and data security training for its people on a regular basis to ensure its business remains ‘safe’ and can trade without interruption and reputational damage.

Many lack the basic skills and knowledge in businesses to meet cyber security needs, as staff members are not cyber security aware and do not understand their responsibilities in this regard, partially due to a lack of formal training.

There is a lot to do to raise the education of employees and society in general. Therefore, products like Peritus Protect offer a route to cover areas of cyber and data security with staff and the business.