Top repairs for each season

The latest findings from mobile car repair company YourMechanic reveal the most common car issues by season.

YourMechanic analysed the most frequent service requests, or quotes, by season. The findings reveal some unexpected results, especially for the spring and autumn.

In spring, the most common repair is for window motors or regulators, with nearly half of all vehicles needing repairs on this component. Spring is the time when temperatures begin to rise after the lows of winter, so people are likely attempting to open their windows for the first time that year only to find them inoperable after months of being ignored.

The majority of timing chains are replaced during this season, with very few being carried out in fall or winter.

Warmer summer weather results in issues surrounding air conditioning, with AC failures (48 %) and cooling fans (39%), causing the first and second most common issues for drivers during the summer months.

Autumn also brings with it some unusual results. YourMechanic’s data shows 35% of issues during this period are due to faulty air springs, closely followed by engine distributors (34%) and timing cover gaskets (31%).

Winter brings with it the usual heating woes. In fact, nearly half (40%) report heating issues, as the large drop in temperature leaves us heavily reliant on our heating systems during the colder months.

Rob Francis, VP, growth and operations at YourMechanic, commented on the findings, ‘While some of the results of our analysis are to be expected, it’s interesting to see there are other more unexpected issues occurring at certain times of the year.’