ThingCo deploys AWS

ThingCo has become one of the first disruptors in the insurance sector to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a fully serverless implementation.

ThingCo launched in January 2018 to build the eco system around next generation telematics devices using AI, ADAS and Intelligent Voice to reduce claims cost and cut road accidents.

The decision to deploy AWS managed services will enable the business, founded by telematics pioneer, Mike Brockman, to scale without being hindered by systems limitations or cost issues.

Jonathon Valentine, chief technology officer at ThingCo explained, ‘The way we operate will be as innovative as the solutions we offer – that’s the huge benefit of starting from scratch.

‘Once our device is out in the market we will be ingesting, processing & enriching huge volumes of information, including trips, accidents & video footage, and feeding this back in real time to insurers, claims professionals, brokers, legal firms and other businesses we choose to partner with. By using AWS managed services we will have a fully serverless implementation based on compute time, at the scale we need it, when we need it. This means our IT costs are per trip processed, per app visit for example.’