Sweden paints luxury cars

Mose Freyer and his family-run company, Moses Bil & Lack, paints cars for Koenigsegg Automotive in the small village of Sätaröd, Sweden.

The refinish process for a Koenigsegg can take up to 1,200 hours and involves a meticulous approach in which the choice of product is crucial. To deliver reliability and quality continuously, Mose has relied on refinish brand Standox for the past 30 years.

Mose started Moses Bil & Lack in 1991. Today, his company has a facility of 5,000m, about 50 employees, and customers who drive the world’s most exclusive car brands. ‘If you love cars then you would love my workshop, but first and foremost we are a family business,’ said Mose, whose wife Birgitta, son Björn and daughter Lina all have key roles in the company.

Before a Koenigsegg car arrives at Moses Bil & Lack in carbon fibre from Ängelholm, Lina works closely with Koenigsegg’s art director Lisa Johansson to establish the exact colour according to the specification the customer agrees upon with Koenigsegg.

When the car parts arrive at Moses Bil & Lack, any epoxy left from the production of carbon fibre components is carefully removed from the surface to avoid yellow staining of the subsequent colour which can occur over time.

Once the surface is completely clean, several coats of Standocryl VOC-Xtra Clearcoat are applied directly to the carbon fibre and baked between each coat. Then the Standoblue basecoat is applied to achieve the ultimate colour. Once the basecoat is dry, the refinishers examine every square centimetre of the paint finish before the final coats of Standocryl VOC-Xtra Clearcoat are applied to give the cars its gloss finish.

The car parts are then meticulously sanded and polished. The entire paint process can take up to 1,200 hours and the finished car parts will not be returned to Koenigsegg until the colour is 100% accurate.

‘All of the products are unrivalled, from start to finish, and at Moses Bil & Lack we strive for those same goals: to exceed the customers’ expectations. That’s why I’ve been relying on Standox for 30 years,‘ said Mose.




Photo credit: © Koenigsegg Automotive, photography by Steven Wade