SUV rise creates fleet problems

According to FleetCheck, the increased popularity of SUVs has created many issues for businesses that run company vehicles.
Compared to the equivalent cars on which they are based, SUVs are almost always bigger and heavier, and therefore used more fuel and produce more CO2.Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, said, ‘The rise of SUVs in recent years has been rapid and, in many ways, a medium sized, two-wheel drive SUV has become the default family car choice. Drivers very much like them.
‘However, there is no denying that this popularity comes at a price. It is almost unavoidable that these vehicles are less efficient than a saloon or a hatchback.’
Peter added that the issue facing fleets was whether to accept driver demand for SUVs or insist that they must meet the same criteria as cars when constructing choice lists.
Regardless of the CO2 figures associated with SUVs, FleetCheck found that most companies are willing to pay the extra taxation in order to drive the car they want.