Start-up reveals easy EV link

Austrian start-up, Easelink has developed a technology with which electric vehicles can be automatically charged via pads fastened to the ground.

The technology at the core of this e-revolution is called Matrix Charging. A connector lowers from the undercarriage of the electric vehicle and docks automatically with a pad fastened to the ground, which is connected to the power grid.

‘With Matrix Charging, electric vehicles are charged automatically and without cables – this smart technology operates itself without user intervention,’ explained Easelink founder Hermann Stockinger, ‘Any time spent standing still can be used for charging the electric vehicle.’

Easelink claims Car makers around the world are studying the potential of the technology. Prototypes of the system are currently being validated in a wide range of development environments on multiple continents. Specifically, the Asian car maker Great Wall Motors has demonstrated its interest in Matrix Charging.