Speed bumps cause vehicle damage

According to Confused.com report, more than a fifth of motorists have had damage to their vehicle from speed humps.

The site surveyed 2000 drivers and found that 22% had experienced damage to their vehicle when passing over a speed hump. The average cost of repair was found to be £141 per car.

Nearly half of motorists stated that a speed bump had caused damage to their tyres, while a third said it broke or damaged the suspension. Confused.com also found that more than 25% of drivers want clearer markings on speed bumps.  One in four of those surveyed believe that speed bumps are ineffective in reducing speed.

A freedom of information request by the site found that local councils have cost drivers over £35,000 for damage caused by speed bumps between 2015 and 2017.

Highways Regulations claim that motorists can claim for damage to their vehicle if the road is defected. Though, speed bumps are not technically classed as a ‘road defect’, which makes it difficult for motorists to make a claim.

However, according to the Highways Regulations 1999, road humps should not surpass 100mm in height. If higher than this, it is more likely to cause damage to a vehicle and could put motorists in a position to claim for damage caused.