Semcom develops driverless deliveries

Technology company Semcon is working with Volvo Bil to test the option of driverless movement of cars through the logistics chain.

An autonomous solution may free up both time and resources. The project will commence with a pilot study this month.

At present, new cars are moved manually numerous times before reaching the end customer. For Volvo Bil, which handles more than 25,000 vehicles every year, an autonomous solution would free up both time and resources. A partnership is now being launched with Semcon in order to examine the option of streamlining the flow of car deliveries. Moving cars autonomously is planned to take place in a defined area with full security.

Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon, said, ‘Embarking upon a partnership with Volvo Bil is really exciting. They are curious to see how their work can develop using smart technology, and we have the expertise and the tools. All in all, we have a good foundation for a successful project.’

Semcon has broad expertise in the field of autonomous solutions and has applied driverless technology to vehicles such as autonomous snowploughs and lawnmowers. Semcon has also worked with a number of partners on the Born to drive research project to devise a solution for autonomous moving of vehicles.

Volvo Bil is a Volvo car dealer and a subsidiary of Volvo Car Sweden. The company supplies personnel at AB Volvo and Volvo Cars with company cars.