SEAT’s three steps for packing

SEAT is giving British holidaymakers the keys to car-packing success this summer, with three simple steps.

Teaming up with KonMari consultant, Aline Lau, SEAT has produced a handy set of tips for families preparing for their annual summer vacation, using the manufacturer’s SUV, the Arona.

Around 4.7 million Britons are set to drive to their holiday destination – either in the UK or in Europe – rather than fly abroad this year, leading to the temptation to ram the car full of unnecessary home comforts.

The KonMari Method – an organisational technique developed by consultant and author Marie Kondo – follows simple rules that focus on de-cluttering and keeping only items that ‘spark joy’. The mindset has been used to help families pack the car for the holidays.

By de-cluttering items that don’t ‘spark joy’, ordering remaining items into categories and using assorted space-saving techniques, the Japanese discipline means that families can fit everything they need – from children’s toys to sports equipment – into even a modest-sized vehicle.

Three KonMari Method tips for packing the car:

  1. De-clutter – Remove any item that one could actually do without
  2. Pack smart – Fold and roll clothing to save space in suitcases and put loose items into boxes before loading into the boot
  3. Categorise – Put essentials within reach in the car and maximise boot space by packing cases vertically