Road to Zero creates optimism

Robert Evans, UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association, has released a statement on the government’s Road to Zero strategy.

He stated, ‘We welcome the publication of the Road to Zero strategy and look forward to working with government and industry stakeholders to help deliver on the commitments it sets out. While we are still reviewing with members, we welcome the high level of ambition for EV uptake expressed in the strategy and are generally optimistic that it addresses the opportunities and issues associated with the Road to Zero.’

Robert believes that there are five areas in particular that are noteworthy and important, including:

  1. The commitment to electrification of transport and to ensuring that there is a broader range of EVs on UK roads.
  2. The increase in immediate support for EV infrastructure.
  3. The commitment to use broader government policy tools to align with the Road to Zero strategy.
  4. The commitment to work with stakeholders across the energy sector to ensure the UK grid adapts to meet the electricity supply needs inherent in the planned increase in EV use.
  5. The government’s proposal to consider a uniform method of accessing public charge points.