Retailer uses video to boost revenue

Lancaster Ferrari Colchester has experienced a boom in its post-sales revenue from the use of video.

CitNOW videos showcasing the post-sales accessory products available to customers have boosted revenue by 65%.

The high-quality sales videos have proved more effective than emails and phone calls in engaging Lancaster Ferrari customers with post sales products.

Video is now the chosen method of responding to 80% of enquiries, with an average of two videos sent to each customer when their car is in for a service.

Lancaster Ferrari Colchester, a member of the Jardine Motors Group, houses a Ferrari aftersales centre, employing Ferrari-trained technicians to service the prestige Italian vehicles. An extension of the retail experience, each customer video is set in the Lancaster Ferrari Colchester workshop.

Training has also proved an essential element when aiming to produce high-quality videos which engage customers.

Bailey Barnard, Ferrari genuine ambassador at the retailer said, ‘Having our staff well versed in the use of video has not only fostered trust and transparency with our customers; it has also boosted our sales figures. The dramatic rise in our parts and accessory revenue demonstrates that the products we are stocking are popular with consumers, while also showing video is the best way of initially advertising them to our customers.

‘But our use of video doesn’t stop there. Outside post-sales, video has become an integral part of our customer contact cycle as a whole, becoming the go-to option for responding to most customer enquiries.’