The REAL Rally 2018 successes

The 2018 REAL Rally was a success. As the dust settles onto the bonnet of the REAL Rally cars here’s an analysis of the event:

  • 52 cars on the official Starting Grid
  • 120 people, occasionally in their fancy dress costumes
  • three days of Porthmadog reached 32°, the hottest day in its history.
  • one location – Portmeirion
  • two laps around the Anglesey Circuit race track
  • 1,000+ pictures
  • four ‘Epic Failures’ in 1 Audi A8
  • 22 Gemini Green vehicles
  • 18 teams were <Connected Solutions> partners
  • eight Fix Auto entries
  • four Independent Repairer entries
  • 13 different types of industry supply chain entries
  • three non-vehicle repair industry entrants
  • £7,700 raised by Steve Thompson and Dad Dave from the Porsche Budgeteers
  • £27,200 raised collectively by <Connected Solutions> partners
  • £60,000 estimated to be raised (and still rising)

On the second day, REAL Rally navigated its way through the Snowdonia National Park to the Anglesey Race Circuit, offering teams the opportunity to test around the track. Some racing lines were adopted but not always at the right points and speeds reached well over the 40mph maximum that the event expected to be allowed.

The final destination was the City of Chester and an awards ceremony for the roll-call of achievements – the awards for Fancy Dress (Gemini Yeovil), Best Looking Car (Gemini Manchester), Epic Fail  (The Essex Sheep Sh@&%#rs) and Golden Moment (Earle Avann.)

But the real achievements were that all entrants had invested their time, effort and ingenuity into tirelessly raising funds predominantly for AutoRaise. These alone were a momentous achievement.

REAL Rally are looking to hold the 2019 event during the week commencing 24  June.