Quality stock powers used market

The availability of high quality stock will prove to be a key factor in helping dealers maximise used car sales opportunities in 2018 according to the RAC.

Sean Kent, sales director at the RAC Dealer Network, suggests this is especially true of cars under three years old which will prove to be an attractive alternative to new cars.

Sean said, ‘The feedback we are getting from across the network is that there is some very high quality stock available at virtually every price point in the market.

‘In large part, this is because major remarketing operations are investing heavily in remarketing cars and vans in the best possible condition. They believe that ‘ready to retail’ has become the new market norm.

‘What this approach allows used car retailers to do is present stock that is more attractive to buyers. This will be important at the nearly-new end of the market in order to tempt those who can perhaps no longer afford a new car as manufacturers tighten up on finance deals, but it also makes vehicles in the three to five5 and five to seven-year-old sectors look like much better buys.

‘It is certainly not unusual to look at a typical trade five-year-old car with 40-50,000 miles at the moment and be surprised by the general condition and the standard of presentation. This is a good time to be a used car buyer.’

Sean added that this approach was working especially well with the 300 RAC Approved Dealers who offered cars under the RAC BuySure banner.