PSA Group publish CSR roadmap

The PSA Group has published its long-term CSR roadmap outlining its ambitions for the year 2035 and beyond.

In response to the changes under way in the automotive industry, these objectives push forward the Group’s previously announced medium-term (2020‑2025) commitments. In its Integrated Report, the Group presented a summary of its business model and its strategy.

The report highlights its business model for creating financial and non-financial value over the long term, and the way this value is shared with all stakeholders.

The Sustainable Development joined forces with the Financial Communications and Strategy Departments to issue this report, which aims to increase the Group’s transparency for the benefit of its stakeholders by providing a clear view of its ambitions for the future.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report presents information on the Group’s initiatives, annual results and targets on its 23 environmental, social and societal issues.