Nissan announces Energy Solar

Nissan has announced the retail launch of its integrated home energy solution, Nissan Energy Solar.

UK customers can optimise the way their properties create, store and consume energy via the use of integrated solar panels, battery storage (xStorage Home) and a home energy management system.

Key benefits of the system include: reduction in household electricity bills, increased independence from the national grid and electricity providers and the ability to generate, store and manage energy for use overnight.

Speaking in London, Gareth Dunsmore Electric Vehicle director, Nissan Europe, announced this an audience of many of the UK’s automotive industry representatives and stakeholders.

‘Nissan Energy Solar is a complete system for home energy generation, management and storage. It enables UK homeowners to make significant savings on their household electricity bills, and become champions of sustainability and green technology,’ said Gareth.

Nissan Energy Solar’s product offering provides flexibility to customers, whether they’re looking for a fully integrated solar and storage package, or the respective components individually.

UK customers have the choice to select energy storage systems that use either new or second life batteries from Nissan electric vehicles.

The new solution also includes a home energy management system that allows users to control how and when they use their energy. The system reduces homeowners’ carbon footprint and energy costs, by automating energy flows to optimize solar energy production and battery storage capacity.