New technology creating automotive jobs

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), has stated that new technology has created new automotive jobs in the UK.

IMI chief executive Steve Nash has said that new technology in the motor industry is paving the way for young people, with an additional 320,000 jobs being created between 2014 and 2030. Analytic engineers, technology gurus, 3D printing technicians and cybersecurity experts are some of the new roles that are shaping the sector.

The rise of new technologies has led to an urgent demand for a new set of skills for the automotive workforce, and the IMI says the demand isn’t set to slow down with the sector continually developing cutting-edge technology.

The professional body is, however, concerned that there is a stumbling block in getting fresh blood into the sector.  A key issue is the lack of encouragement into the sector from educators.  Research commissioned by the IMI found that only half of teenagers receive any form of careers advice in school and majority of them felt it had little to no value.

With 67% of young people saying they would prefer to sidestep university in favour of earning money, and 48% choosing to avoid student debt by opting for other choices such as an apprenticeship, the IMI is calling on businesses to take advantage of this by raising the awareness of the career opportunities available to young people.