National Windscreens issues MOT reminder

National Windscreens is reminding motorists that while the newly introduced MOT regulations do not include changes to existing windscreen checks, many could still have their MOT failed as a result of damage or impaired vision to a vehicle’s glazing.

The move follows stricter MOT standards being introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) following a review of procedures.

All test standards will now be judged against new minor, major and dangerous defect categories, in addition to advisories. Major and dangerous defects will result in a vehicle automatically failing its MOT. This includes damage to a windscreen or front side windows.

‘The new DVSA MOT procedures are targeting mainly the emissions from diesel vehicles but that does not detract from the existing checks on visibility that many motorists can often be unaware of,’ said Alistair Carlton, technical manager at National Windscreens.

‘An MOT tester will be checking for any damage that impairs the vision of the driver or where items such as satnavs and even window stickers are affecting visibility. They will now be basing their checks against the new, stricter categories.’

The new MOT standards and categories came into force on 20 May 2018.