MyWay or the highway

Mazda’s MyWay scheme is set to launch in greater Manchester, which allows customers to engage with the brand without the need to visit a physical dealership.

When a MyWay prospect requests a test drive the car is bought to them at their home or place of work by a member of staff for a no obligation test drive. 

Launched in July 2015 the Mazda MyWay scheme was designed to offer a customer experience to the more than 40,000 central London retail car buyers not currently within easy reach of a Mazda dealership.

The MyWay scheme is being rolled out to accredited Mazda dealers, with RRG Group bringing the service to the 1.2 million homes in Greater Manchester currently geographically underserved by a physical Mazda dealership. 

‘We are delighted to launch Mazda MyWay in Manchester as it’s a great way to help customers connect with Mazda in this vibrant city,’ commented Jeremy Thomson, managing director Mazda UK. He added, ‘Manchester will be the first roll-out metro location of Mazda MyWay outside of the pilot project in London and RRG are the perfect dealer partner to provide this service.’

Dealers selected to be accredited Mazda MyWay partners need to satisfy a rigorous application of customer satisfaction standards. Like the London MyWay scheme, each accredited dealership will have a dedicated team.