Most hated aspects of car ownership

Drivers in the UK get more annoyed about MoTs than any other aspect of owning a vehicle, according to research published.

The research, which quizzed drivers on the things they hate the most about car ownership, reveals that almost half (47%) of drivers claim their number one bugbear is putting a car through the MoT test, while one in three (32%) said repairs are their biggest gripe.

The figures have been published by as it bids to tackle the issues most hated by drivers across the country. The research also shows: 49% of drivers will only use a garage or workshop if it’s been recommended by a friend and cost (72%), a recommendation (50%) and location (44%) are the three most important factors when drivers are choosing a garage for a repair

‘As a motorist myself, it’s no surprise that MoTs, repairs and maintenance are the country’s biggest irritants when it comes to owning a car,’ said Scott Hamilton, managing director.